The Company agilean.dk is founded by Jakob Schmidt Sørensen in 2015 and is a contribution to the Agile environement in Denmark.

Information regarding

Agile Coach / Agile Project Leader / Agile Transformation Agent

  • I want to work in a high productive environment with constant pace throughout the organization.
  • Teams must be self-organized, having that important face-to-face interaction with the business people every day.
  • We are able to embrace changes in a structured manner as the cadence for work packages are 1-2 week long.
  • I trust that every employee is doing the best he/she can why I don’t focus on control and metrics in a common sense.
  • I want to motivate people to work together for a shared vision. I do this by facilitating. Building up trust between colleagues, introducing real team work, focusing on Quality Management inside out, creating a positive participating work environment which promotes team efforts and a shared sense of purpose.
  • I really like to talk with people. People are what matters. I do try to focus on their needs and to get a better understanding of needs and pains. I like to understand their world of perspective.
  • I also like structure and processes concepts like Product Owners, Product Vision, Persona’s and Grooming of backlog makes it tickle a bit as we deliver customer value at a constant pace.
  • I believe working with creative ideas and make them into solid products will satisfy our customers.
  • I really like a happy customers




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