Vision is our core beliefs, our values and our purpose

Many smaller companies or start-up companies don’t use time on defining their vision statement! Why is that? Is it because they are too busy with trying surviving or don’t they find any value in having a vision statement or do they just have too much to do on their to-do lists that is become down prioritized?
I don’t know the answer to that question! What I know is that if you have a good vision statement for your company you will make it much easier for yourself and your employees to know which daily decisions to make that support the goal for the company. It will align the company on a shared vision and this will make the company culture much stronger now we are working on a shared goal.
It is all about getting from one place to another – the company must change and the vision statement is the lighthouse we are aiming to sail towards.
Either the company change (sail) or it will die (sink). Nothing stays the same!
Vision is something with passion, something you put your heart into, you like to believe in it. The vision is a guiding philosophy containing the organization’s core beliefs and values and its purpose.

Vision = core beliefs and values + purpose

Now we should not mistake it for being the mission statement. As a mission is the tangible image, something we can measure and quantify like the company’s stock rate, revenue or/and numbers of customers all at a fixed point in time.
Mission = tangible image + vivid description

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