Thoughts on Agile Leadership – Trust

What do you think is the one must important skill a leader should have for transforming his team into working agile?

I believe that trust is the most important skill. If the team doesn’t have trust in you as the leader to be the one bringing them into the state of agile working team I don’t think that they will change and change is indeed need to become a  agile working team.
How to gain the teams trust is another story and that I like you to comment on but one thing that certain is that if you don’t trust the team, why should the team trust you.
So try-to-be-agile is much about beginning to trust each other in any way. One easy way of getting there is to get common rules and agree to call-it if you break them – That’s all about trust.
I trust you to call me if I don’t behave with personal and professional integrity and you trust me to call it when you don’t deliver the response that we have agreed.
You have now started just-try-to-be-agile congratulation!

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