Team conducted Performance appraisal – Agile management part 5

A new way to conduct 
Performance appraisal by team effort.
I heard about this team performance appraisal from Jorgen Appelo. This is kind of a game and has already many names. Kudo bok, hugs and more. 

It basically breaks down like this
1. The management or company provides a number of points for the team rewarded as a consequens of the team performance. The performance must be measured by values that is important for the company (must be communicated to all team members and transparent for all teams)

Values like:
·         Creation of though put (Output) = creation of value
·         Solution Creativity like set based development, prototyping
·         Though put tested by standards
·         Ability to inspect-and-adapt
·         Helping other teams
·         Ability to develop competences within the team
·         Ability to use or reflect on the usage of company processes and tools
and more….
2. The amount of points the team got every person on each team gets a certain amount of points to donate. It could be like this. A team with 5 persons has received 49 points from the Company for the team performance for a time of 30 days of work.
3. Each person receives a fair share of the 49 points which they have to donate later (step 4.)

4. Each team member must now donate his point to another team member or himself. The criteria should be the perception of the team member’s performance within this given time period according to the companies value and his own believes. 

5. When all team members has donated his points we count them up and find the ranking of performance for the last 30 days of work. 

(0.) (Before step 1.) If you start out encouraging all team members to embrace all good or positive things that his colleagues do in there everyday work on a card and places the card in a box (Kudo box) they will be able to change from a team focusing of things that is not working to start thinking of their team as a well working team. They will also have the reasons for the donation of point in the end of the word period. Remember, it’s NOT allowed to write anything negative on these cards. The negative feedback will be more suitable on a retrospective with face-to-face contact.

Some small variants to this “Game”:
- The points giving to the team is equal the numbers of positive Cards (kudo cards) in the team box.
- The person on the team with the most points gets a present.
- Bonus is a giving for team effort and therefor the bonus share is equal to the points received per person

Please write comments

about your thoughts or experiences 

with Performance appraisal.

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