TDD Workshop with Lego is fun

TDD Canadian style! Agile 2014

Bryan Beecham (@BillyGarnet) was the man for the instructions and we worked in paired building requirements in Lego.

1. (5 min.) First session was we got instruction on building a house (one instruction at a time) and as we build were building we could not re-factor our “code”.

2. (5 min.) Second session:  just like first session but now we could re-factor as we went along

3. (10 min.) Third session: build a vehicle with a man on. After this we should build a bridge. Then as a surprise the vehicle must be able to go under the bridge as the man is riding the vehicle.

4. (10 min.) sort all the Lego into groups of unique blocks and build a tower with the unique blocks.
Lessons learned:

  • Build small
  • Build light
  • Build easy to change
  • Build together
  • Accept others buildings and changes to you builds

Here you see Karl Scotland and TDD dude in the white T-shirt. I can’t remember his name anyway he was cool and had much learning to offer in this Lego game.

See this session online http://www.infoq.com/presentations/tdd-lego

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