Supersize software!!

- Feature Teams vs. Maintenance Team
I suggest to have maintenance on our delivered products done by the developers who actually developed the product and no somebody who wasn’t part of the original development of the . Leading up to an organization of product teams or in smaller bits features teams. Why?
As we in an agile way deliver the Minimal Variable Products to our customers we have a clear business case and vision of for filling the need of some major part of our customers. We launch the product and it goes into production. Now we are awaiting the customer’s feedback and are ready to a just or fix broken things. After some time it seems that we are good :-)
What happens next is that we turn toward to a new goal. A new product must be developed with a good business case and a fix goal turning working software into customer satisfaction. We turn our backs to the already delivered products and focus on something new. 
Now small changes appears to the old product/feature and those changes is accepted by management to be implemented due to different reasons but no business case is done and seldom we are looking back to see what the original purpose or goal was. We deliver this new small change implementing a diverting direction to the purpose of the product/feature and then again we a new change, a new change, a fix and suddenly we have changed the product/feature so much that the fat we cut off in the agile MVP is reintroduced and the product/feature is getting FAT.
We in the software development need to go on a diet!
Let’s make teams responsible for the life circle of the product/feature.

Picture: borrowed from it from informit.com

Here is other good reasons for feature team:

One thought on “Supersize software!!

  1. Alexander Beletsky

    I agree on that – maintanence have to be done by original developers.

    But in really it usually happend that maintanence done either: by outsourcing companies, or by newcomers

    As for me it mainly because “old” developers don’t wan’t to work with legacy code – code they actually produced by theirselves!).

    That’s why good code practices are so important. It is vital that developers want to go on project all the time.

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