Some empirical number on Motivation

I just what to share this video about motivation with you. I think it’s great :-) It’s by Daniel Pink the author of the famous book called “DRIVE

or the link at youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc

I have tried to capture that this video is about.

Focus area is Motivation

Science is surprising….some studies show reviling results.

The hypothesis is that reward is motivating, the bmorigger reward the more motivated. 

We will do the following:
Big reward to top performer = Group A
Less reward to middle performer = Group B
No reward to low performer = Group C

Test 1 – In USA
Tasks involving mechanical skills bonuses work as intended the most motivated group was Group A and then Group B.

Test 2 – In USA
Task involving rudimentary cognitive skills the bonuses had the opposite effect. Group A and B had a poor performance (strange – How can that be?)

Test 3 – In India
Same test as test 2 just with larger incentives. Result was that the worst performers of all was group A.

“If then” reward works but if you have to be creative that money is not motivating.

Money is some kind of motivation so pay people enough so money is not an issue.

It is 3 other things that is motivating
1. Autonomy,engagement, self direction
2. Mastery, Our desire to get better at stuff and do fun things (ex. voluntary work)
3. Respect, Treat people like people and not like houses.

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