Social media – What is that? a disease? Some new PR buzz word?

An introduction to what is Social media?

“It’s like Teen sex. 
Everybody wants to do it but nobody knows how. 
When it’ finally done the is surprisingly not better”.

The social media will become mature soon!

Just came back from a presentation on Social media by Valtech and Socialsemantic. The intention was to give a sneak preview of the data of the report on social media used today in Denmark. 70.000 were asked, 2600 returned answers and 1500 i believe was used for the conclusions.

Well the statistic numbers are interesting in them self and presented by Jan Futtrup Kjær – you can sign up to receive the finish report by signing up on the  Socialsemantic your self. Giving a good example of the site trustpilot that finding information about how well companies are handling it’s customers by the customers giving there opinion publicly. This challenges the companies and corporations to behave and tell the truth to the customers about service level, errors and other not very nice things about their product…. it forces the companies to be honest (I like that :-).

A company can’t control it employees to tell lies, the truth will come out so social media will – as a side effect – give bad companies a hard time and companies that can handle social media an advantage. So get on the wagon and start to change your company today. It is better to have a product with mistakes, you admit it publicly and then you do something about it then sending a flawless product!!! Interesting statement..

Some really interesting stuff was presented by a consultant Jonathan Astor from Valtech in a good old consultant way ;-)

Presenting a situation of a new product development from an inventor that is drawn by Google Sketchup, realized into a 3D model by Sharpeways where the product also i rated by “real” users and then used kickstarter to help finance the production of the product. Here is a great example Tik Tok watch produced this way :-)

“Who do you trust? your friends or the companies?”

Try out Levis’ friends store where you can see what you friends like before you shop!

Love your customers more than they love you!“.

What about you twet with the bakery that Now the apple cake or bread just taken out of the oven and is ready to be bought – I like :-)


When you are going to start using social media in you company nurse the first movers – take really good care of the first movers because they will be the once which network you will rely on to grow to the thousands of users you what on you social media and the first movers will move closer to you if there is some kind of reward. It is like this: When somebody are in a good moon it spread to the people around them and so will peoples good experience with a company or a product.

“Collaboration is carried by REWARDS!” 

 I’m not sure this is correct, but it is worth investigating.

When you like to start being likable you must start LISTENING (the same as in all interactions where you like to be likable). So go use 2 hours a day listening and the use 1 hour in communicating and start for instance by commenting on forum, blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedIn, web sites for your opion and other like this.

I believe that this thought also is a good practice because for a network to really work you need to have the intension of giving more that you expect to gain!

Now after Social Listening you got to Learn. This is a Learnings putting it in to Social Planning and following up by Social Action….the consultant way of doing…. Now I know why I need some consultant assistance ;-)

So be professional on this theme. It is not about the tools… forget the tools, but make a strategy for you company’s social media and break it into tactics by listening, learning, planning and ACT :-)

Then again are the questions in the title of this blog answered? No, but I think that this blog will give an introduction to some of the social media’s and some thoughts about it – in a consultant way.

Was this presentation at Valtech worth 2 hours of my time? Hell yes…. I got inspired. I have got many ideas I like to try in the nearest future… more about that later :-)

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