People over tools and processes – Agile management part 4

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
I don’t think that tools and processes is worthless, no I think tools and processes are valuable but not as valuable as people.  Management should primary focus on people and only secondary on the tool and processes that we learned at school,  university and in our company management training.
Knowledge workers working are the most valuable asset for in businesses of complexity. It is what information and abilities there is between their ears that secure value.  Let’s all agree that it’s not a humanitarian perspective but a value based view, so what, we don’t go to work without pay, if we do it is a voluntary work.
People are the primary value for all knowledge businesses (companies) and being agile means that you value them (people) so much that you are ready to change your way of working to secure high employee satisfaction.
What is holding us back seeing employees as people of flesh and blood with feelings and sometimes we reacting irrational and not like a resource?
Once employees start to see them self as people and not expecting anything less by their management – it will emerge.
Once Resource management start to focus on people instead of taking the average of an employee and then add 3 average resources or like to the project in need – it will emerge.
Once top management quit expecting the status rapport of staffing status and competencies evaluation and starts to learn the names of the employees talk with each employee, have lunch with the employee start to be servant towards all employees in the company – it will emerge.
Once we change out mindset from the fixed mindset to a more open mindset – it will emerge.

I ask why so many companies keep asking managers to bring resource statistics, using the average for calibrating, treat their employees as resources?  Why not let the employees be self-organized? Why does people accept that they should be grateful for working in the company? It should be so that the companies and the people working there should be grateful for committing to a shared purpose and now works toward this goal.

Let me lift our hiring process and secure that we employ the right people and together be grateful for having found each other. 

I value Individuals and interactions 
over processes and tools.

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