Notes about the Agile MINDSET – Agile Management – Part 3

I just love this picture with these boys trying and clearly are failing bad. They extend their world and learn a lot from this experiment versus other kids sitting nice and neat in the sofa and reading in a picture book. Well to be honest I’m happy that this picture is not taken at my house ;-)

Agile Mindset!!!

Agile is all about the mindset and not about the practice of agile processes. It’s about the mindset of all employees in your company, from the CEO to the developer, from the managers to the operation, yes everybody there is part of the business, everybody in the company.

It’s about people not software
It’s about customer not profit
It’s about learning not knowing
It’s about taking a change not staying home
It’s about resilience not about perfection
It’s about moving others not about preventing change
It’s are about taking Responsibility and not laying blame (Asley Johnson)

It’s about having respect for your employees, colleagues, your customers, your partners and your competitors in the market.

How do I become an person with a agile mindset – how do I change?

I do not have the key to do this for others even though I have read some articles and like to share some simple way of taking off. Ashley Johnson which I refereed to in my blog regarding High Performing teams has an important angle on this subject. Yet a simple way to understand what mindset is like and being able to change it is to think of your mindset as your state of mind or on a basic level your mood.

So what’s your mood like right now? Do you think that your mood has much of an effect on your performance? Of course it does and it also effect the team around you. Yet most people don’t believe they have any control over their mood/mindset.

In many years I were playing soccer and on this team we had a player (Anders) that were not as good as the rest of us at the parsing, heading, shooting, marking, running…but one thing Anders did exceptional well was helping, praise, providing constantly positive feedback on our game and that made everybody become at least 10% better – Believing in our self and in each other, stop being negative if somebody did something stupid but instead encouraging him to do better next time. Anders had a giving Mindset, a positive attitude that lead to this great behaviour. He became a master player on this winning team that were no. 1 in our league for 3 years in a roll. And he was Not the best soccer player

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