MOP programming – a Whole Team Approach (Very excited:)

”The basic concept of mob programming is simple: the entire team works as a team together on one task at the time. That is: one team – one (active) keyboard – one screen (projector of course). It’s just like doing full-team pair programming.”

Mop programming is when all the brilliant minds working together on

the same thing….
at the same time….
in the same space….

There is only two roles and that is one driver and a whole team of navigators telling the driver where and how to go (drive). Everybody take their turn being the driver and as the driver you don’t have to think that much, just drive and follow the instructions from the navigators!

So you got the developers, the tester(s), the manager, the P.O. the architect…YES, the whole team to take turn being the driver in 15 minutes time boxes and when not being the driver you are a navigator.

It’s that simple!!!

Normal team and organisation challenges that fade away by using Mop programming approaches.

  • Communication problems
  • Decision making problems
  • Doing more than barely sufficient
  • Technical debt.
  • Thrashing
  • Politics
  • Meetings
  • And much more
Go check out mopprogramming.org for your self :-) Here is a blog with all details regarding the benefits of working like this.
Woody Zuill (@WoodyZuillis) the “Boss” at Hunter and is the person introducing MOP programming to his teams and also the guy telling us about his experience as more companies picks up this practice.

An interview with Woody Zuill at Agile2014 about MOP programming (10 min.)

If you like to see the whole presentation by Woody he had a talk at Øredev conference 2013 (43 min).

:Will this lower the performance of the whole team?

The preliminary results seems to indicate that productivity in terms of finished shipable products is going up as using Mop programming. Remember the only agile usable metric is running software in delivering value.

:Is it possible to work like this all day?

Talking with my friend Jason Kerney (@JasonKerney) who work for Hunter in San Diego he said that the first many weeks it is very hard working all day in this setup. It requires his full attention duing the day and you have to allow your self to take breaks and go for a work or anything else. You will be as tired as when you kid has first days at school.

:What about the boss, P.O. architect and tester how do they contribute?

Everybody participate on equal terms so everybody is a the Driver and everybody is a Navigator just taking turns.

Are you interested? check out Per Jansson’s blog – “Get a good start with mob programming“.

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