Memories of Agile Coach Camp Denmark 2013 (ACCDK13)

This Agile Coach Camp event was held in Dragør Strandhotel, Denmark from the 30th of May to the 1st of June 2013.

I must say that the weather was fantastic and since many of the sessions could be outside we really got to enjoy these sunny days.

Thursday at 5 pm getting to know each other. The game of the ranked line – here the question is how married are you? The more married you are the closer to the center :-)

There were participants from the States, England, Spain, Nederlands, Sweden, Island, Germany, Portugal and of cause Denmark. I captured most of the participants on film.

There were no speakers. Well even though we this year had the pleasure of David Marquets (http://davidmarquet.com) who is in a “super star” class with his great  good book on leadership “Turn the Ship Around”. The book is about his own learning as a leader in a US nuclear submarine that went from being the worse to becoming the best by providing good leadership. It was great meeting David – he provided some great insight of leadership and together with Jenni Jepsen also some interesting aspect of why our brain react positive on leadership and less positive on management

The form of this camp was informal (very danish) with all sessions as Open Space and start each day by making today’s program. The session program for Friday was very changeable. We did do a new session program every morning.

Networking and socializing is one of the core values of the ACCDK and yes we had a lot of that. Eating breakfast together on the terrace, taking a 1:1 walk, swimming in the Øresund, playing games in the evening, drinking “ØL” at night or sending lamps up into the sky by midnight – we had a lot of fun.

Two sessions of the open spaces was captured and a resumé was made. Here blow you can get a insight what we did talk about.

Summery of Transformation of agile in large companies by Mike Cottmeyer

Summery of Story Telling by Erwin van der Koogh

I love the Idea of appreciation cards – Thanks to Rune, Cátia and Dot

Thank you to all participants for making this into a wonderful Coach Camp and thank you to to the organizers from GoAgile. 

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