Lean UX is to Integrate UX into you team and daily work

What do I know of UX? Not much but I’m learning:-) I lean on great grant shoulders like Jeff Patton to get inspiration from. First a definitions of what UX is which is often interpreted different by people.

What is UX? 

It is the “whole”. UX = Aesthetics + (UI + Usability) + (utility)
  1. Aesthetics is concerned about the look and feel of the presentation for the user. It’s often called the Design.
  2. UI is interface like where is the button, should it hover…
  3. Usability is focused on optimizing user friendly and usable. Like …can the user find the button, how is the workflow. Often Usability and UI are in the same box!
  4. Utility is the craftsmanship in doing it /implementing it. 

These 4 different competences is often not represented in the same person and therefore it is great to have a UX team or even better a shared functional team (feature team) where the team as a hole decides who is responsible for what part. 

It is great to have a UX that is focused and good at Aesthetics, UI and Usability, as having developers focusing on the front end utility being good at Javascript, CSS, Html and like. 

It is important to remove as much of handoffs in every part of the development process and by getting the UX as a part of the team we can get remove the UX documentation (like wireframes). This additional provides incentives for more collaborative behavior. The UX should focus on quick feedback cycles with the customer and then secure that the team is presented with this new knowledge as fast as possible for getting feedback and aligning the understanding. Even better the whole team is part of a light weight workshop with Paper prototyping together with the UX and the Customer – I really like.

Lessons learned while integrating UX into Agile teams.

  • One cross functional team with shared goal is most adaptable 
  • Rather have a UX team member sitting ½ a day doing none UX work than a team waiting on UX decisions coming from outside the team and now the team can make choices and take responsibility.
  • Start out by using kanban… it’s easier to implement the UX tasks in the team!
  • Don’t get the architecture team close to the UI, because it will make it difficult to change UI if depended on the architecture.
  • A good way of introducing UX work into teams is by using pairing UX work with all team members at turn.
Alternative to integration UX to the team is to have an UX office that gives advice to teams but it is the teams that are responsible for the UX in large scale. The UX Office is also responsible for the Design catalog telling the general lines of Aesthetics and UI components.

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