Fixed vs. Agile Mindset – Agile management part 2

The mindset defines the goals we set for us self

- Goals set by fixed mindset always focusing on how good they self are. People with a fixed mindset what’s to demonstrate perfection and being a superior being.
- Goals set by agile mindset always focusing on how to learnand this lead the people to be more resilience and has the ability to help others to shine.
FIXED MINDSET sees the world like this:
  • Ability – static, like height
  • Goal – look good
  • Challenge – avoid
  • Failure – defines your identity
  • Effort – for those with no talent
  • Reaction to challenge – helplessness
AGILE MINDSET sees the world like this
  • Ability – can grow, like muscle
  • Goal – to learn
  • Challenge – embrace
  • Failure – provides information
  • Effort – path to mastery
  • Reaction to challenge –resilience

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