Delegation board – Agile Management part 8

Delegation board! What a great idea :-)

Once again putting thing on the walls instead of keeping it in your head will secure that we ALL have a shared understanding or at least we have a discussion cause we found out that we didn’t have a shared understanding. 
Step 1. agree on the levels of Authority

It also provides an easy way to delegate responsibility and at the same time make a “contract” within the team. It provides a visual guidance to how we as managers are able to delegate.
Step 2: Find the events or activities that is to be delegated and draw up a board as below. 

Step 3: Keep it up to date and when having retrospective it can be used to review the settings of the board vs. how the last iteration has been performed as a team discussion.

Learn more about Delegation boards from Jorgen Appelo http://www.management30.com/workout/delegation-boards/

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