As a team member I want to take “Responsibility” so we can get My team to High Performing

Now it is all about Agile Leadership or actual it doesn’t need to be agile but just good Leadership. The focus is on getting high performing teams – won’t we all want that?

I really got inspired by Ashley Johnson and Amr Elssamadisys video on InfoQ


watching it after not attending conference Agile 2009. While going to Agile 2010 in Orlando in August finding him on the program with the same material but now in a enhanced of 3 hour session and 2 following-up sessions I felt like I was the luckiest guy. I can surely recommend you watching this video of 1 hour and 20 min or so.

The topic in this video is set up into 3 main areas for facilitating to get High Performing Teams.

You need
1. Taking ownership on a clear target,
2. Peer accountability
3. Way of handling peers

Learn about the details in this video.

One very important lesson I learned joining the session with Ashley Johnson at Agile 2010 was the “re-defining of Responsibility” not being the same as accountability. 

The latter (in short)

    We often start at laying blame and from there we need to go though all the steps for getting into the final state of taking responsibility. This re-defining work is inspired from Christopher Avery.

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