Alistair Cockburn, are you mad?

Today in a meeting with Alistair Corkburn he pointed out that retrospectives in a scrum team are not nearly radical enough. If the teams haven’t tried to quit Scrum, remove the Scrum Master or suggested a new organizational change they are stilled bound by the invisible rules set up by them self.

All the rules we think there is applied in our everyday interaction with customers, colleagues, management or our life itself are often rules we apply upon our self. Alistair states that we must challenge these rules as long it doesn’t get us in jail or fired.
We optimize our teams though retrospectives by the max of 10% as we go along sprint after spring while it could be magnitudes instead.

We really need to challenge our boundaries hard and then dear to make the changes which could including removing people, methods, processes or other really impediments – not just this sub-optimization. 

I believe that that we should go to work in the morning with the attitude that we might not have a job when we come home at night – at least we should not be afraid to say what we think and mean. This is radical and as I’m getting older I tend to loosen up on this principle J  

Let’s challenge our retrospective, let’s be inventive, lets come up with new ideas and might they be radical!!!!

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