A week with knowledge sharing

Just finished a week with knowledge sharing.

Setting the scene: Our developers from Ukraine was visiting us in Copenhagen a hole week. We had decided to make a week with knowledge sharing and launching of new product strategy.

Monday morning we started off with kick-up on Product Strategy getting our CEO to repeat our Vision, Mission and focus area for getting to our shared Goal. Here after the new product strategy was presented which in my eyes is great and ambiguous and will be a clear lighting house for our developers in the future.

Now the scene was set and re-organized into delivery Teams ready for taking on these new challenges starting out with workshops using Story Mapping. This was a new tool that within 1 hour gave the teams tremendous amount of alignment and shared knowledge of the specific product areas. Of cause this Mapping only reached the first level of break down further break down is required further on.

Then leaving this initial kick-off we had many knowledge sharing activities the rest of the week

Continuous Integratio, R#, Dynatrace, Javascript inheritance, Javascript optimization, IOC Wrapper,
Stylecop and in the evenings we spiced the Team work with team dinner and after work beer.

Additional we gave on-site training/introduction to our new comers: Our technical setup, Introduction to the Business domain, Introduction to Service department, What does a Product Owner do? Introduction to Issue Management System and Introduction to Localization.

Then in the end of the week we wrapped it up but first getting a newly created Product backlog presented in a different Issue management system that we are using today, here after getting 1 hour of “R# our processes” ending with the new product strategy first introduced this Monday.

Now Friday we went out for a big steak at Restaurant – what a tasting steak :-)

What a great Knowledge sharing week :-)

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